Thursday, October 23, 2014

Behind the Shoot: Can you say DC event photography? I can. It's spelt UWIB.

Long story short, I'm on the board of a fab non-profit called United Women in Business (UWIB). My old roommate and sorority sister (Alpha Delta Pi!) was a founding member of UWIB, and obviously, because I moved in with her and knew how to use a camera and program websites, I had to get involved too.

What can I say? I like staying busy!

Anyway, almost a year later, things as the DC VP of Digital Media for UWIB are in full gear for me and the organization is busier than ever.

This past Wednesday we had an awesome event focusing on the MBA application process and I had the wonderful opportunity to take pictures of the night, as well as live Instagram and tweet (check out the hashtag #womenmba) the entire event.

Between covering the event on social and taking pictures, I learned a lot about the MBA process (gulp, says the girl thinking about grad school for next fall). Resumes. Essays. Recommendations. GMAT scores. All those things really do matter.

Applying is definitely a lot of work, but the payoffs are, to me, 100% worth it.

If you live in the DC, Chicago and NYC chapter, consider visiting the UWIB website and signing up for our events. They're all free and meant for young, professional women looking for professional-based educational opportunities. I recommend it!

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