Monday, October 13, 2014

Let's get some shoes. No really.

Late last week, a blog post I worked with Potomac River Running on about the importance of getting fit for the proper workout shoe finally ran on Fiterazzi... yay! You can check it out here!

Not only did the post feature some pretty awesome photos by my fellow photographer and long-time friend Sara Snyder, but it totally dove into the importance of taking care of your main mode of transportation... your feet!

I think most people go to the running store and think, 'Oh, that shoe's the most expensive, so it's the best' or 'That shoe looks really intense, and I'm having foot pain, so I need an intense shoe like that,' when honestly, that's not how it works. Just read the article and you'll see what I mean.

See, every person walks differently, so, every person needs a different type of shoe. Think of your shoe as your finger print -- it should be unique and fitting just for you!

In the two hours I spent at PR Running learning about the science of running shoes and talking to the shoe fit team, I have one big takeaway to pass on... Go. Get. Fitted!

P.S. PR Running also did an adaptation of my Fiterazzi article... how cool!

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