Thursday, November 20, 2014

How to make a fairy tale 101: Video for the USO

In a post I wrote earlier this week, I talked about meeting and following around a wonderful military family while I was working USO Operation: That's My Dress! (OTMD) in Jacksonville, FL on Sunday.

Well, now that my video is done, I thought I'd share the final project with you and tell you a bit more about their story.

Introducing the Ruud family! Meet mom, Vicky, daughter, Brooke, father, Jeremy, and a slew of four other siblings whose names, honestly, I forget!

The Ruuds were gracious enough to let me follow them around all day long on Sunday and film thier OTMD experience, as well as share their story with me.

See, the Ruud family is no stranger to military life. Jeremy has been an active duty service member for over 18 years in the Navy, and currently, is deployed overseas. Him and Vicky have five kids, and have seen it all over the years -- paycheck to paycheck living, holiday deployments, you name it. Luckily, the USO has been there for them in all lives ups and downs.

In fact, the USO, along with a few other sponsors, gave Vicky and Brooke an extra-special suprise last week that made thier OTMD experience that much better!

Watch the video to find out and enjoy!

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