Monday, December 1, 2014

Behind the Shoot: Fiterazzi Leggings Test Photo Shoot

One of the best parts about writing for a new magazine like Fiterazzi is the chance to involve my friends and acquaintances in my work, and my latest project was no exception.

Last month, I released a HUGE review of 13 different fitness leggings brands to try, and, before doing so, hosted a wonderful afternoon photoshoot for the story at Union Station with two fab fit models and fellow Alpha Delta Pi - Pi Chapter sisters Pamela Fitzgibbons and Pavla Ovtchinnikova.

I hadn't caught up with either of these ladies in the longest time, so I was thrilled to have them be my models for an afternoon -- plus, who doesn't love taking pictures of their friends?

Not only did we shoot some fabulous pictures, but I got to hear all about their busy awesome lives and, let me tell you, they're both going to set the world on talent and look fit and fab doing it!

Besides the awesome company and fresh faces for this shoot, this was also one of the first indoor shoots I've done for Fiterazzi.

I don't normally host shoots inside for my fitness pieces because the lighting is so much better outdoors, but because the weather has gotten so cold (it was 30 degrees outside the day of the shoot), I've been scoping out more interesting indoor spots, and thought Union Station's bright but corporate look would be a nice change of pace for the shoot.

I think the shots turned out alright. Thoughts?

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