Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Behind the Shoot: Snaps for Grip the Mat

DC is a really, really small town. Trust me on that one.

While living in so small of a town can be a drag sometimes, it does have it's perks -- namely knowing someone who knows someone who knows someone almost everywhere you go.

This past Sunday, a dear photographer friend of mine, Sara Snyder, asked me to be her double at a wonderful Bendy Brunch social yoga event hosted by Grip the Mat -- a company co-founded by a GW Alpha Delta Pi sorority sister of mine, Christy Skarulis.

See what I mean? Small town.

The event was at a wonderfully colorful venue, Blind Whino, which is a refurbished church-turned-into-art-gallery in Southwest DC.

Sara warned me that I was going to love taking pictures here, but she didn't do the place justice. The painting, the stained glass, the moody stained glass lighting -- it was a photographer's paradise!

Add a bunch of synchronized yogis into the mix and you'd be hard pressed not to get a fabulous shot.

Here's a slideshow of my Flicker gallery with all my shots.

Yeah... I'm totally going back here to do a shoot for Fiterazzi.

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