Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Photo follow up: Idina Menzel Meet and Greet with USO Military Families

Last week I wrote a bit about my recent trip to USO NYC to film an Idina Menzel performance, interview and special meet-and-greet with local military families.

Now that these photos are on the USO blog (which you should go check out!), I can post them on here and talk a little bit about my shoot.

As many of you know, whenever I'm out on shoots for the USO, usually, my main priority is shooting video and interviews. However, I've started shooting more and more stills - partly for practice and partly for logistical reasons for publishing - and I, personally, think I'm really stepping up my photography game.

Shooting events is hard. Shooting events where there's famous people, loud music, busy children and other factors in an unfamiliar town is even harder.  And that was this shoot. 

The lighting was bad. I was exhausted. And yet, I managed to turn around some great shots don't you think?

*** NOTE: I've had to take down a few images to protect privacy rights of individuals. ***

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