Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Holiday Flashback: My Holiday Trip to Hawaii -- Part 1: Seattle.

Happy Hump Day! I hope everyone up north is slowly starting to dig themselves out from the crazy blizzard weather. Have an extra cup of hot cocoa for me please :)

You know, I can't believe its only been three weeks since I was in the warm Kona sun with my family, sipping lilikoi juice and eating pineapple, ah! If I can close my eyes and concentrate, I can still hear the ocean waves, crashing against the shore...

Let's go back to paradise today, okay?

Before December, I had never been to Hawaii, let alone Kona, or anywhere on the big island. I never really realized just how FAR away Hawaii was. So far, in fact, that I had an amazing afternoon layover in Seattle, WA, which was a total treat.

I'd never been to Seattle before, either, so I decided that instead of spending the day inside the airport terminal, I should hop on the lightrail and head into the city to see something -- anything -- to say I had actually been to more than the airport there.

After asking for suggestions on what to do with six hours in Seattle, I decided to head to Pike's Place Market, which was the perfect activity.

Between hitting up the original Starbucks...

... finding amazing flowers ...

... making friends with a seagull...

.... and just enjoying the local flavor, it's safe to say I enjoyed my time there.

Now, I just want to go back!

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