Tuesday, February 17, 2015

My first cover story and photo for Fiterazzi Magazine

It might be the end of February, but I'm still celebrating this one big-time.

Earlier this month, I wrote about a cover photo shoot I did for a feature story I was writing for Fiterazzi Magazine, which ran earlier this month.

Not only was the first time a photo of mine was featured on the cover of the magazine, but it was also the first time my story was the lead cover story!

Guys, I worked really really are on this story. From vetting the sources, to attending events, to interviewing the Grip the Mat girls, to actually sitting down and editing the photos and writing the story, this piece was multiple weeks in the making.

Here's a snippet from the actual story...
In the summer of 2014, Christy Skarulis and Ashley Braun noticed that their friends were all asking them same sort of questions.

“Ashley, should I hang out at a happy hour with my friends after work or should I hit the gym?”

“Christy, should I go to that yoga class Sunday morning or should I meet the girls for brunch?”

For the two twenty-something yoginis, who met in yoga teacher training in Washington, DC, it seemed ridiculous that their friends were having to decide between socializing or taking care of their bodies.

Why wasn’t there something people could do with their friends that combined the social aspect of a happy hour and the mind-body benefits of a yoga class?

Realizing that there were no existing options to solve this dilemma, the entrepreneurial duo took matters into their own hands and started a never-been-done kind of fitness social event company called Grip the Mat.
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