Monday, May 18, 2015

May Is Military Appreciation Month -- And Full of Stories for the USO

Before I started working for the USO, I never would have known that May is military appreciation month. Or what a challenge coin is. Or what PCSing means.

It's funny how a new job can open up a completely different world in an instant, isn't it?

The past few months I haven't been traveling as much for work -- BUT --  I've had the wonderful task of telling many small, everyday stories about the impact the USO makes on the lives of active-duty military personnel and their family members.

Take this little story, about a military spouse who was stranded in the Chicago airport overnight with no where to go. Thanks to the USO, she had a safe, free place to spend the night and relax while she waited for her flight the next day.

“After all that had happened that weekend, it was awesome to walk in, see friendly faces that helped me and made me feel safe."

There was this touching experience, where a worried military spouse was given peace of mind about her teenage daughter, who was traveling alone and stuck in the airport, thanks the USO.

“I can’t explain it, except to say, I am crying (again) thinking how relieved I was knowing she felt safe. Knowing she was safe.” 

Even this simple story, about a young military spouse and her baby daughter, who were able to relax during and unexpected layover, thanks to the USO, can't help but make you smile.

“I was blown away at how welcoming they were to my family.”

Sometimes, I just can't believe that I work at such an amazing organization that's committed to making these kinds of moments for military families around the world. It's stories like these -- these tiny, small, everyday moments -- that make me realize just how awesome the USO really is improving the daily lives of the people who sacrifice so much for all of us.

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