Friday, June 19, 2015

Partying Before Work: Covering Daybreaker's launch in DC for Spright

All the things I read about Daybreaker before going to cover the company's launch in D.C. for Spright left me with a ton of questions.

An event company... that only does early morning events? At nightclubs? During the week? With yoga and no booze? And they're crowded? With people paying to party before 9 A.M.?

Surely, there's catch.

Yet I was wrong. That's really all there is to Daybreaker. There isn't a hidden agenda or catch.

As soon as I entered the venue with my camera, the space was filled with eager Yogis, bending it out with vinyasa lead by Grip the Mat.

After stretching out, people stayed to dance and socialize while enjoying tasty treats and a variety of performers and entertainers.

There were even live musicians thrown into the dance party mix!

Maybe it's the simplicity of a Daybreaker's event that makes it so unique and appealing. Maybe for some people, waking up early, doing yoga, then moving their bodies to dance music and strobe lights while fueling up with coffee and juice is a way to jumpstart their day.

One things for sure, it sure is the total opposite of a typical Wednesday morning.

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