Monday, July 6, 2015

Behind the Shoot: Shooting Grip the Mat's Bendy Brunch at K Street Urban Farm

Happy Monday and happy July!

A few weeks ago -- actually, more like a month ago now -- I had the awesome opportunity to shoot a Grip the Mat Bendy Brunch at the K Street Urban Farm, which is run by DC Greens.

While I've shot events for Grip the Mat before, I've never shot an event on an urban farm -- let alone a yoga event on an urban farm.

It was a little weird seeing people mozy through their flows between rows of collard greens, but hey, as a photographer, it was a magically wonderful scene to capture!

It's funny, I used to live within walking distance of this part of town and I had no idea that this urban farm even existed or that there were events there and that anyone can come on Sundays to pick the produce and take it home.

Why aren't there more urban farms like this throughout the city?

*** P.S. If you want to see more photos like this, or hear more about Grip the Mat, or what a Bendy Brunch is, check out this post. I've written about Bendy Brunches in more detail before, so I don't want to repeat myself when I can just show you pretty pictures :)

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