Thursday, July 23, 2015

#TBT & #ICYMI: My Story is Featured on Jackelyn Ho's Website

So. Big news guys.

I just realized that the lovely Jackelyn Ho posted an article I guest-wrote for her new website a few weeks ago. Silly me, I totally didn't know that she posted it until today. I'd call that the biggest #TBT or #ICYMI, ever, right?!

Anyway, the story behind this guest post is pretty cool. A few months ago, when Jackelyn was revamping her site, she asked me if I could guest write a post for her which would be part of a real-world love stories series she was going to have on her site.

Naturally, I was honored to be asked to contribute and had NO idea waht I was going to write about.

Even though I have a wonderful loving boyfriend (aka, the Mr. Man from all my blog posts), I don't typically write about the complexities of my romantic relationships -- especailly one that is as long and deep as me and Mr. Man's.

However, after a few tries, I think I came up with a wonderful vignette that shows just how deep and selfless our love is.

I don't want to steal traffic from Jackelyn, but here's a sneak peak at the story, which you should totally go and read:

Matt never brings me flowers when he’s supposed to — you know, on birthdays, or anniversaries or things like that. He says that’s when I’ll expect them the most, which, according to him, defeats the purpose of surprising me with flowers. While most girls would hate to have a boyfriend who doesn’t give them flowers when they’re traditionally expected to, honestly, I don’t mind at all. It’s part of the many reasons I love Matt so much, actually.

See, even though Matt doesn’t give me flowers on those red calendar days, somehow, he always manages to give them to me when I need them the most...
Read the full story here!

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