Friday, September 18, 2015

Fall is Here: Georgetown Grad School at SCS, Spright Stories, USO Fun and More!

Guys. I'm so sorry. Its been way to long. Like, over a month too long. What can I say? I'm a busy lady every now and then.

The past four weeks have been full of fun, work and travel for me. Between starting my Public Relations/Corporate Communications part-time graduate program at Georgetown University's School of Continuing Studies, writing a ton of stories for Spright and working like crazy at my actual full-time job at the USO, its been a little crazy. Oh, and on top of all of that, I traveled to Minnesota for a wedding last weekend with Mr. Boyfriend and came down with an awful cold. So there's that too.

Mr. Boyfriend and I at Surly Brewing Company in Minnesota.

The one good thing about being so busy, however, is that I have plenty of fun stories to share with you -- like how awesome it's been to get back into the swing of going back to school.

Although I'm a die-hard storyteller and journalist to my bones, I've always known that at some point in my future I might want to make a career switch into the PR/corporate communications sphere, meaning, at some point, I might have to go back to school.

Even though my current (awesome!) storytelling job at the USO allows me to dabble in both the journalism and PR, I've often felt like my PR and business skills are lacking or even non-existant.
See, I'm a great photographer. A decent writer. And I know how to write an awesome story. But when it comes to creating a strategic communications plan -- an integral part of a PR professional's role -- I come up empty.

So, after a bit of soul searching (and realizing that I actually have time in my life to attend grad classes part-time), I decided that NOW was the perfect time to go back to school -- even if I wanted to stay in journalism a little longer after graduation before seeking out pure PR positions.

Do my glasses make me look like a grad student?
Now, three weeks into my first semester as a part-time grad student at Georgetown, I'm really happy that I chose to go back to school. Not only is my new program engaging, challenging and interesting, but it also has given me a new-found love for my full-time job and part-time freelance work. School has always had a funny way of invigorating your whole life like that sometimes, doesn't it?

In USO-land, I've been working on a bunch of special projects that are almost ready for you to see. I promise I've been working really hard on photos, videos and stories for weeks! Until then, you should check out my two feature stories I wrote for the USO magazine ON★PATROL that were recently published in the fall WWII commemorative issue.

One of my two pretty spreads in the recent issue of On★Patrol!

As for Spright, I've been churning out different interviews and articles for the past few weeks, including a fun interview with the founder of Broga, my mega almond milk taste test experiment (with original photos!) and my article all about how Wanderlust is shaking up yoga!

Phew, doesn't that sound like a lot? Well, jokes on you -- I've got even more exciting things to come :)