Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Hello December, Hello Awesome USO Recipe Series

Guys, I have a confession. I've been holding back a super exciting project that I've been working on at the USO for a while from you. But now that it's officially launched, I can finally tell you all about it!

Drum roll, please... Introducing... my USO Celebrity Cookbook recipe series!

A few months ago my awesome boss stumbled upon an old USO Celebrity Cookbook from our archives and asked if I would be willing to test some of the recipes and launch a multimedia series about the cookbook, its history and how to make the different dishes. Naturally, I said yes. (Read the full story behind the series here.)

Cookbook, spatula and camera(s) in hand, I selected five of the star-studded recipes and set off to turn them into rich multimedia stories for the USO's online audience to enjoy. For five straight Fridays I turned my tiny apartment kitchen into a makeshift studio to test, film and photograph myself making each recipe. While this was super fun (and tasty), most of the legwork came in long after the treats were eaten.

I spent many days researching, writing stories, editing photos and videos and putting this multimedia project together. It's a five part series with long, beefy historical posts, Instavids, YouTube videos and custom graphics for each recipe, so each post took quite while to make. (Shout-out to the USO's awesome creative team, who helped design special graphics for the series!)

Now, two weeks into the five week series, I'm happy to say all my work during the months of August and September are finally paying off. The whole series looks great and is getting great reviews. Plus, who doesn't like to hear about the awesome celebrities who help support and spread the USO's mission?

You can take a look at the two currently published recipes here and here.

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