Tuesday, February 23, 2016

More Grip the Mat Photos: Bendy Brunch at Malmaison

Whew! Guys! Let me tell you -- I've been busy shooting a TON for Grip the Mat this month!

What can I say? I love yoga. I love brunch. I love wine. And I love taking photos of all of these things! It's a match made in heaven :)

Anyway, after the awesome Grip the Mat staff yoga-inspired photo shoot I did a few weeks ago, I also shot a Bendy Brunch event for the company at Malmaison in Georgetown.

 Let me just say, this venue is a photographer's dream! Light-filled, airy and oh-so perfect to shoot in -- I was super happy with the photos I captured at this event :)

Cheers (and namaste) to that!

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