Monday, February 15, 2016

Writing on Running for Spright

 I love to run -- and I know a ton about running as a result.

However, like most things fitness-oriented, I know that my first-hand knowledge of any topic is only just a slice of the knowledge out there, especially when it comes to weather-related running info.

Seeing as winter is in full swing (with no sign of spring in sight!) here in DC, I decided to tackle the seasonally relevant topic of winter weather running for my latest article.

As part of my research (and to help highlight some awesome runners out there!) I reached out to a few running pros and asked them for their top five running tips. Here's a bit about who I spoke with:
Dorothy Beal: This Washington, D.C. blogger, speaker, mother, and runner has a personal best marathon time of 3:11, appeared on the cover of Women’s Running magazine, and has a great running Instagram feed.
Joshua Holmes: With over 150 marathons and ultras under his belt (including 31 100-milers!), Holmes’s training takes him up and down mountains and through all kinds of climates. The frequent traveler shares his expertise on his site, Run It Fast, as well as on Twitter and Instagram.

Finn Vogler: This Hamburg, Germany-based competitive runner and member of the Asics Frontrunner team once completed four half marathons in four days, and he’s got a great running-inspired Instagram feed currently full of gorgeous snowy scenes.

Monica Olivas: This Southern California runner started her Run Eat Repeat blog six years ago as a way to document her marathon training, diet, and weight-loss journey. She’s a certified personal trainer and chronicles her racing and training on her blog and Instagram.

It was so amazing talking to these pro (or at least serious) runners about their craft. I was totatally blown away with the awesome and practical advice they had to share with me about winter running. So much so that I had a really hard time narrowing down all the amazing tips and tricks!

Here's a sneak peak at part what I did end up including in the story:

What do you do to prepare your body to have a successful run out in the cold?

Dorothy Beal: First thing I do when I plan to run in cold weather is to get my head on straight. If I’m focused on how low the temperature is or how much I don’t want to run in the cold, then the run is miserable before I’ve even started. Instead, I focus on how nice it will be to get fresh air after spending more time indoors, how lovely the sun will feel on my face (don’t forget sunscreen in winter — you can still burn!) or simply how good I will feel when the run is over and I’m back inside warming up in a hot shower. … In the winter I am concerned about pushing myself too hard when I am not warmed up, so I take a little extra time to do some active stretching indoors so I don’t feel tight in that first warm-up mile.

Joshua Holmes: Oftentimes we overcomplicate running, whether it be in the heat or cold, and forget that it’s simply running. Extreme temperatures can punk us out and make the excuse demons pop up, making it easier to skip a run. However, if we always waited for perfect weather to run then we’d rarely run. … I’ve run in temps from 6º all the way up to 122º. It’s all about acclimating and being properly dressed and fueled/hydrated.

Read the full story here!

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