To mark the USO’s 75th anniversary, we’re heading out on a road trip we’re calling USO Route 75. And we want to bring you along.

Starting Feb. 5, you can follow this map, our travelogue and our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds as we drive around America to learn more about the USO, explore issues like the military-civilian drift and military transition."

What does that mean exactly? Well, it means me, my boss, some colleagues all in a Jeep for six months traveling around the country hearing, telling and sharing the stories of the USO. There's essentally been a whole crew of us rotating on-and-off of the road trip since February producing content from our stops at different USO centers in the U.S.

Oh, can I just add on the fact that I'm still in grad-school part-time at Georgetown, too?

*Cue simultaneous pride and exhaustion.*

To check out some of the stories we've produced from the trip, you can go to the Route 75 page, but here is one of my favorites!