Wednesday, July 20, 2016

#TBT to the Summer of Yoga Video I Shot for lululemon Washington, DC!

Guys. This is big. Like huge, ginormous, Totoro-size big!

A month or so ago a Facebook invite lead to an email that lead to a few phone calls that led to an awesome gig... for lululemon. Yeah. You read that right. THE lululemon. The lemon to the lulu. Excuse me for being ridiculous, but six weeks later I still think that landing *this client* totally warrants a ridiculous response.

Anyway. Back to the details.

Summer Yoga Series | lululemon athletica | Washington, DC from Sandi Moynihan on Vimeo.

Long story short, I got to shoot a short highlight reel for lululemon Washington, DC at their fabulous Summer of Yoga event on the Georgetown waterfront.

Originally, I was supposed to paddle out on a kayak with my camera and shoot SUP yoga, but it was too windy outside, so yoga was relocated to dry land (which, in all honesty, I didn't mind at all -- bringing my gear out on the water = YIKES!).

The yoga itself was awesome and featured local instructors from FloYo Standup Paddleboard Yoga (who did a great on-land class) and a post-workout refuel from Nooma. After the sunset, lululemon moved the party Malmaison for cocktails, small bites and smiles.

All in all it was an awesome (picture perfect!) event to be a part of. I can't wait to work with lululemon Washington, DC again.

P.S. Washington, DC is one of several stops around the country lululemon is making this summer as part of the Summer of Yoga series -- maybe there's a stop near you!

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  1. That is SO awesome, girl!!! Congrats on landing such a big gig! The event looked like so much fun, I wish I was there lol.

    xo Anna Elizabeth