Wednesday, August 31, 2016

More from the USO Route 75 Road Trip

Have I mentioned lately how much I love my day-job at the USO? Sometimes, between all the freelance photo/video gigs and Georgetown PR/CC grad school work, I forget to stop and think about how amazing my actual 9-5 is at the USO and how its this job that enables me to persue my side projects, like this blog.

Think about it: I get paid a big-girl salary with benefits to capture stories about an amazing non-profit that touches the lives of military members and their families.

I get to travel. I get to learn. I get to meet amazing people.

And, on top of that, I'm allowed the to pursue freelance opportunities and my graduate degree at the same time -- not many workplaces allow this type of flexibility! A not-so-much younger me would think this was pretty amazing/unbelievable/crazy cool.

Current me does too :)

Do you remember how I mentioned in an earlier post that I went on a mega USO Route 75 road trip with my fellow storytelling colleagues this spring? Well, now that its been several weeks since the final leg was completed, I'd love to share a few of the video stories I complied while on the trip.

This is only a handful of my videos -- there's a TON more I need to edit together. And I'll be sure to post more videos from my trip over the coming weeks!

Watch here:


  1. As a military family, I am loving this post! Excellent videos, too. :) Thanks so much for sharing this story!

  2. This is such a great post, I love your videos! :)

    xo Anna Elizabeth