Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Morning Sessions and Cute Toddler Smiles

Sometimes I find it strange how much I enjoy sunrise shoots, considering how much I hate mornings.

Maybe its because I feel super "carpe-diemy" after getting up so early -- or maybe its because morning shoots usually mean fun time with young families, which reminds me of my older sister's family -- but either way, its something I really love doing as part of my freelance work.

Earlier this summer I had to wonderful opportunity to shoot a mini session for a professor of mine from my undergraduate studies at the George Washington University. I was pretty pumped when she asked me to take some family photos of her, her wife and their adorable little boy Brinton.

It was actually the first time I got to meet Brinton, although I had seen plenty of photos of him growing up on his Instagram :)

I mean, isn't he just the cutest little man you ever did see?

During the shoot Brinton kept wanting to wave at the garbage truck drivers -- it was so so adorable.

Oh morning shoots, how I love you so :)


  1. What a fab shoot! And yes, his little smile is adorable! You're a fab photographer- looking forward to seeing your next post :)

  2. Aww such a sweet shoot and post, love it!

    xo Anna Elizabeth