Friday, September 30, 2016

Murals, attacking pigeons and fun times at Union Market DC with Jennifer Fernandez of Yoga Heights

I have a confession to make. I'm a sucker for a good mural.

And I'm an even bigger sucker for yoga poses in FRONT of a good mural.

So when DC-based Yoga Heights instructor Jennifer Fernandez approached me with the desire to do a colorful, urban, funky mini-yoga session a few weeks ago, I knew EXACTLY the place to do it: Union Market on the NE side of Washington, D.C.

Union Market has always had a soft spot in my heart; I lived in the neighborhood a few years after college and really came into my own as a yoga/portrait photographer there. Its such a vibrant, urban, multicultural part of town with tons of shops, murals, industrial buildings -- it's really a hipster's photographer's paradise.

I mean, look at the murals people! Look at the textures!

While there's always been street around around this part of town, last year, artist Mr. Brainwash and his team debuted his #LetGirlsLearn heart mural on the side of Union Market (see photos above), bringing a lot of new attention into the neighborhood's street art.

Michelle Obama was there at its unveiling, so it was only *kind of* a big deal.

As awesome as the new #LetGirlsLearn mural is -- message and all -- personally, I think there's some even cooler murals within walking distance of Union Market. I mean, look at this vortex mural by Douglas Hoekzema aka HOXXOH on the side of the old Ibiza night club.

Wicked cool right? P.S. I love you, funky NE D.C. (minus the weird pigeon that attacked us during our shoot!)


  1. this is my jammmmmm! loving these murals so much :) lovely post

  2. Love this shoot!!

    xo Anna Elizabeth

  3. This is such a fab post- I'm glad the pigeon didn't put you off too much 😂 I wish I stuck with Yoga, I'm flexible but really rubbish at sticking with the poses- you've inspired me to start up again x

  4. I love this! Your poses are so on point. Also love that heart wall ;) xo Tiffany