Wednesday, September 21, 2016

¡Vamos a Costa Rica¡ Snaps from my Trip Tribe/Move Well DC Yoga Retreat Vacation

Nothing beats a good vacation.

You heard that right: Even I, a self-professed work-a-holic love a good vacation. And what better place to have a vacation that, literally, paradise itself?

Almost a month ago now, I went on a magical yoga retreat with my boyfriend to Costa Rica. My friend and client, Amy Rizzotto of Move Well DC, lead the retreat at El Sabanero Eco Lodge and organized the whole adventure with the help of Trip Tribe.

Were about 18 of us on the trip -- some people I knew ahead of time, others I did not, but we all left as friends.

Clearly, while I was there, I couldn't resist taking a few snaps of our adventures, which included a ton of yoga, visiting waterfalls, holding snakes, frolicking on the beach and just enjoying the gorgeousness of Costa Rica.

Pura vida, anyone? I will say, where we stayed, at El Sabanero, was awesome! The food, the staff -- everything was great in terms of quality and value for our money. Take me back, please?



  1. What an incredible trip, this all looks and sounds heavenly! Thanks for sharing babe :)

    xo Anna Elizabeth

  2. What an amazing experience. From one yogi to another, I am super jealous! Incredible photography, too! Thanks for sharing. xo, Tiffany