Friday, January 20, 2017

Flashback Friday: Leaves and Friends and Hiking in the Fall Colors

As I was organizing my hard drives this past week, I came across a long-lost impromptu shoot I did of my friends Zach and Clare that I knew just had to share.

A bit of back story to these photos: Sometime this past October, Mr. Man and I were on a hike with our friends Zach and Clare at Rock Creek Park.

I just happened to have my camera on-hand incase we saw something beautiful when Clare mentioned that she was wondering if I could find some time to good photo of them for their Christmas card this year.

The leaves, the crisp cool air, the impromptu-ness --- I just couldn't resist the moment and suggested we should just take those photo here and now!

Sometimes, spur of the moment things are wonderful, right?

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Hanging on to the Holidays: The Last Snaps from My Canada Trip at Vermillion Lakes

With the memory of New Year's Day well behind me, I've been reminiscing more and more about the wonderful time I was able spent with my family in Canmore, Alberta, Canada over the holidays.

As ya'll saw on a few of my other posts, Mr. Man and I enjoyed a wonderful snow, skating and kiddo-filled holiday in the great white north.

In between chatting with family members, heading to a Calgary Flames game, bumming around Banff and generally taking it easy, we managed to make to to Vermillion Lakes during on of our last days in Canmore.

I of course had my camera and HAD to take some photos. I mean, its BEAUTIFUL there!

Here's a few snaps I was able to catch (don't worry, this is the last batch I have from Canada!):