Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Hello, It's Me: Playing Catchup After a Long Hiatus (and Snaps of Move Well DC's Amy Rizzotto!)

I feel like I should serenade my blog readers with an Adele medley to make up for the months its been since I last posted.

 January, really? Has it been that long? Yikes, I'm embarrassed, but not really, considering all I've been up to in the time since I've last posted...

Forgive me yet for my hiatus? Good. Let's play some catchup then, starting with this fun little outdoor mural shoot I did for Amy Rizzotto of Move Well DC back in December 2016.

If you're a regular follower of my work, you know that I've done several projects with Amy in the past, so its no surprise I was jazzed when she approached me about doing a colorful, tabata shoot for her social platforms for the early 2017 fitness rush.

While the focus of this shoot was actually video (we shot about 20 mini videos which she's been pushing on Instagram!), we took a few moments to take these fun snaps after the video portion was done. I just love how fun and colorful this wall in Rosslyn is!

Where is your favorite mural in your city?


  1. Love the black outfit with the colorful backdrop! Welcome Back!

  2. Welcome back, babe! I love these photos, they are so fun and happy :)

    xo Anna Elizabeth

  3. That wall is so fun and makes for the best pictures! I'm so happy your back to blogging and can't wait to read more!