Monday, November 6, 2017

Promotional Sunrise Shoot for Yoga Heights' New Studio in Takoma Park, MD

For those that don't already know, I do a lot of work for the wonderful DC-based yoga studio, Yoga Heights.

In addition to being fabulous studio owned by two fabulous ladies that I couldn't adore more, Yoga Heights is also a rare yoga space that celebrates every body, every level and every budget.

With so much "Instagram yoga" floating around on the internet these days, making people thing that yoga is about being a skinny minnie doing crazy poses in beautiful places, its refreshing to have a wholesome studio like Yoga Heights so close to home.

The even more exciting thing about all of this is that Yoga Heights is expanding to a new neighborhood later this year with the opening of their new Takoma Park location. Clearly, this big news called for a sunrise shoot to collect new photos to promote the upcoming location.

Even though it was an early, muggy late summer morning, and it took us a little while to wake up, I think this shoot is magical. The smiles from the Yoga Heights team plus the warm morning light make me smile every time I flip through this photo set.

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