Friday, October 26, 2018

Fall 2017 Flashback: Athleta DC Fashion Show

Sometimes my favorite shoots are just big, happy accidents. This one for Athleta DC in the fall of 2017 was one of those big, happy accidents.

Every fall, Athleta DC works with its local ambassadors to host a fall fashion show featuring local fit models, the new clothes, fancy makeup -- the whole sha-bang you'd expect from any fashion show, really.

Lucky for me, the talented makeup artist doing the model's makeup, Petra Cleary, had met me a few years ago at a Zumba event I was covering in Silver Spring. She remembered me and reached out to ask if I would be interested in capturing this fun event for Athleta DC. She put me in touch with the event Chandra Hampton and it all fell into place from there!

I think my favorite part about capturing events like this is the ability to showcase the beauty of the entire event's process -- from quiet, backstage moments to the joyous celebration at the end.

It also didn't hurt that the Athleta team and all the lovely models were so energetic, talented and easy to work with!

I hope the participants had as much fun in the event as I did capturing it! :)

Winter 2018 Flashback: Shooting Dog & Pony DC's "Peep Show"

Hello again! I'm back! I'm married! And I'm excited to tell you about all the wonderful creative things that I've been up to over the past several months. :)

To kick things off, I thought I would take a visit into the not-so recent past, and show you a few of my favorite shots from a early 2018 shoot I did for Dog & Pony DC for their show Peepshow.

I was invited to capture the event from the head of Peepshow, Rachel Grossman, who I met through my Yoga Teacher training at Yoga Heights DC. How cool, right?

To be perfectly honest, I've shot a lot of different events before in my life, but I've NEVER EVER shot anything as unique as Peepshow -- what a hoot! Not only was the play itself fantastic, but the experience of capturing it's unique elements is something I will never forget.

To give you a better idea of what the show is about, I borrowed a brief synopsis: 
"Peepshow takes-back objectification and sexism, and kicks the patriarchy where it counts. Over Peepshow’s five spectacles, performers will review the four waves of feminism in a wrestling ring, explore the complexities of the male gaze through Broadway show tunes, and expose the modern woman’s complicity in her own oppression through a synchronized-swimming-and Kpop-inspired-ballet."
To be perfectly honest, the synopsis doesn't do the show justice (in my opinion!) as to how awesome it really was. Take a look at my photos to get a better glimpse:

Don't you wish you saw it live now?